love and feelings

12 juillet 2009

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i can’t forget yesterday or the day before

when you left us, we knew we won’t see you anymore

you left us and after you you closed the door

so we’re waiting for our death,we know we won’t see you before

it hurts so bad to lose someone you care for


now it stubs me like knives when i see yout place empty

hearing nothing but the house sitting there quitly

remembering the times you were here and we were all happy

you were the joy of that house, we can’t forget you that easy


i will never forget anything you’ve taught me

when to be nice, the way to fight, how to be

when i knew about your sickness i knew we’ll lose you for eternity

you didn’t suffer for a long time before you became free


i regret not knowing you that well

when people ask me about you i don’t find much to tell

i’ll tell you goodbye and let you go to heaven

you’ll always be in our hearts, you’ll never be forgotten


12 juillet 2009

my residence

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i live so high

up in the sky

with a lot of angels

where everybody travels

in time,in places

to see many cases

the pieces and the parts

of the broken hearts

broken hearts want to forget and move on

bur hard life won’t let them go on


12 juillet 2009

01.05.2009 15.45

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your favorite game is called « cold feeling »

to win you have to leave me bleeding

all you need are:a knife and my heart

to have Bonus put salt on places that hurt

congratulations! you broke the record with your high score

now i’m trying to find the door

maybe i’ll survive this big maze

or purhaps i’ll die before i realize

12 juillet 2009


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i got you off my mind for days

but souvenirs come like a flash always

it hurts me to fight them like that

when your two metres away laughing about it

i can’t seem to get enough of pain

it’s going to end by giving you a chance to hurt me again

you hurt me in the worse ways that exist

if you don’t get that i’ll make you a list

you made me fall for you, live for you and die for you

with your stupid game you made me feel blue

you pushed me way then

with a heart that’s broken

in million pieces like glass

but i’ll make it pass

even if i had to hate you

which i don’t really want to do

i want to forget you easily

then we end up friends again happily

i know this can’t work on us

after our long story i cab’t erase

all the memories, all the plans

but it looks like you can


5 juillet 2009

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Hello everybody, these are some pieces of me take care of them.
if you like them you should thank my friend Anissa, she’s the one who convinced me to create this blog, and she doesn’t want to accept thanks from me so help me… and ENJOY!

5 juillet 2009

i’m a mess

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you never loved me right
between reality and dream you made me fight
you had me thinking of you every night
wondering if tomorrow is the day you’ll hold me tight

i showed you my love and tried to proove it in everyway
without any condition i just wanted you to stay
but you made me suffer everyday
and then you threw me too far away

i never wanted to leave
but eventually you made me believe
that you are some proffessional thief
who stole my heart,i must say it was a relief
because you took with it all the pain,
all the love i had for you in my vain
now i’m standing alone in the rain
with nothing left but some feelings,i guess they won’t remain

please take care of my stolen heart,it became weak
since you left me for nothing,now it’s easy to break

take care of it because now you have two
and i don’t so i won’t love any other the way i loved you

5 juillet 2009

Story for men

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*I have a broken heart multiplied by two
and this is all because of you

*when otheres said that you’re all the same
i said: thinking like that is a shame

*I didn’t love the second one cause i didn’t forget the first
but i guess that all i had for the first was thirst

for what he didn’t give me when i gave my all
i know, i shouldn’t let myself fall

*Now all i want is someone who can bring back the spark
cause my heart is a big hole so i’d live in the dark

i need some one who’d look right into my eyes
read their signs, wipe my tears away then let me realize

that love still exists, that some people still feel
that i have a reason to live, that he’s real

i want somebody who would know me
who would show me in special ways that he adores me

*now tell me if that’s too much to ask for
if you can give it to me, or should i close the door?
will i ever find that special someone to give him my all again?
or should i erase this pure feelings and close up my vain
cause love is running all the ways in my blood
and i’m afraid to fall for someone who won’t respect that


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