love and feelings

5 juillet 2009

i’m a mess

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you never loved me right
between reality and dream you made me fight
you had me thinking of you every night
wondering if tomorrow is the day you’ll hold me tight

i showed you my love and tried to proove it in everyway
without any condition i just wanted you to stay
but you made me suffer everyday
and then you threw me too far away

i never wanted to leave
but eventually you made me believe
that you are some proffessional thief
who stole my heart,i must say it was a relief
because you took with it all the pain,
all the love i had for you in my vain
now i’m standing alone in the rain
with nothing left but some feelings,i guess they won’t remain

please take care of my stolen heart,it became weak
since you left me for nothing,now it’s easy to break

take care of it because now you have two
and i don’t so i won’t love any other the way i loved you

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