love and feelings

5 juillet 2009

Story for men

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*I have a broken heart multiplied by two
and this is all because of you

*when otheres said that you’re all the same
i said: thinking like that is a shame

*I didn’t love the second one cause i didn’t forget the first
but i guess that all i had for the first was thirst

for what he didn’t give me when i gave my all
i know, i shouldn’t let myself fall

*Now all i want is someone who can bring back the spark
cause my heart is a big hole so i’d live in the dark

i need some one who’d look right into my eyes
read their signs, wipe my tears away then let me realize

that love still exists, that some people still feel
that i have a reason to live, that he’s real

i want somebody who would know me
who would show me in special ways that he adores me

*now tell me if that’s too much to ask for
if you can give it to me, or should i close the door?
will i ever find that special someone to give him my all again?
or should i erase this pure feelings and close up my vain
cause love is running all the ways in my blood
and i’m afraid to fall for someone who won’t respect that

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