love and feelings

12 juillet 2009

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i can’t forget yesterday or the day before

when you left us, we knew we won’t see you anymore

you left us and after you you closed the door

so we’re waiting for our death,we know we won’t see you before

it hurts so bad to lose someone you care for


now it stubs me like knives when i see yout place empty

hearing nothing but the house sitting there quitly

remembering the times you were here and we were all happy

you were the joy of that house, we can’t forget you that easy


i will never forget anything you’ve taught me

when to be nice, the way to fight, how to be

when i knew about your sickness i knew we’ll lose you for eternity

you didn’t suffer for a long time before you became free


i regret not knowing you that well

when people ask me about you i don’t find much to tell

i’ll tell you goodbye and let you go to heaven

you’ll always be in our hearts, you’ll never be forgotten


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  1. saby dit :

    tu sais meme si je le connais pas je l’adore et puis si il n’été pas là tu seré pas la toi ! he must be with my babassidou in heaven :)

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