love and feelings

5 juillet 2009

it’s hard

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*what was your goal when you fooled me
with simple words you got me
you made me believe tha you’re living for me

*i called you my everything, my life and my all
my feelings for you were the power of my soul

*i stayed a long time swiming in my sorrow
wishing, hoping and praying there would be tomorrow
when i discover that you’re standing at my window

*finally i said it:i love u, i can’t live without you
you said:haha,is that true? well i don’t care about you
i went away saying:you shocked me,i can’t argue

*i still can’t believe what i’ve heard
i draw the picture of the perfect man on you bastard

*you made me feel so small
i shouldn’t let myself fall

*days passed than months than years
my love for him comes than disappears
now i’m drowned in fears

5 juillet 2009

Story of my heart

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i know that people write when something hurts them
well it’s not my case at least not now
i’m sure it’s going to cause pain with time
as it did when you were mine

*my heart was burning when i see you for years
but all you gave me when we tried was tears

*i was dying of every day you passed away from me
i was hoping that someday will come and you can see

*all the love i had for you
when you were away and didn’t got a clue

*days passed, i wanted to be just your friend
for a start it was good but it was all pretend

*my eyes showed that you are much more
you gave me signs that made me adore you more than before

*we didn’t know ow we ended up together
we were in a way when all people said there’s nothing better

*you couldn’t lov me, you was afraid to hurt me

*i couldn’t let go that easy, but i wouldn’t sacrifice my degnity

*he saw my face everyday, we broke up anyway

*agreed to be friends again
but what friends? his love was always in my vain
but there’s one thing i’m sure of:his love won’t remain

5 juillet 2009

i can’t forget but i’ll forgive

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*no, i can’t forget all we lived together in a moment
like he did with a cold heart like it was no event

*there are so many souvenirs
all they give me when i remember is tears
*i gave him everything when he chose to give nothing
other than sympathy, it wasn’t what i needed to keep going

*i was almost dead when he left me
it changed in a minute who i esed to be

*i was destroyed, i didn’t know where to go
but than you came drawing me the path to show

*that he’s not that important to my soul to live
all i have to do is try to forgive


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